About The Precision Engineering Co.

With over 14+ years’ combined experience serving the educators of India; we are the area’s most experienced independent educational sales consultant organization. We are a full-service solution provider combining our local knowledge and the relationships with our educational suppliers to provide the best educational solution for your requirements.

Precision manufactures and markets E-Education Equipments 3D Printers, Fischertechnik engineering building blocks, CNC educational Trainer, Educational Robots & Softwares The company's products combine essential core technologies, continuing innovation, award-winning industrial design and excellent price performance. Precision origins lie in the OEM sector, which remains an important part of its business. To meet the demands of its OEM customer base.

Our mission is to deliver high precision superior quality products to our esteemed customer. We always strive to keep up with the international quality norms & constantly put ourselves to stringent quality tests.

Our Services & efficiency has only changed for the better & have maintained a high degree of accuracy in our testing.

"Quality and Customer satisfaction" is our motto.

Our goal is to design and manufacture quality products that consistently meet our customer's requirements and needs.